Weekend of Diet Destruction (not)

Well that was fun!  We had a family party on Saturday and I went with out preparing my self for it.  So instead of making sure I had healthy alternatives to the junk I knew was gong to be there I first gave into that one little cookie, then the Bacon Mac and cheese then the Lasagna then the cake, then the cupcakes then more cookies  – then the killer straight form the sugar devil himself, a concoction of whipped cream, angel food cake, strawberries and sugary syrup – and before I looked up I was on the other side of a 3000 calorie “lunch” – if you can believe that I was able to count everything.   On top of that – I spent 4 hours in the car getting to this event and getting back to it.  Katie had a play that night so of course I used it as an excuse to skip out on my work out that day (“no time” – reality just too lazy to get up earlier to do it)

Now in the past because I would have used that as an excuse to berate myself and say oh well the day is gone the weekend is gone and tomorrow I have 2 planned meals at a restaurant with family for lunch and church small group for dinner so the weekend would have been lost and I would have eaten at least 6000 calories in 2 days.   Not any more.   Because I failed to plan and then was weak on Saturday I decided to make Sunday a day of fasting.  So on Sunday I only had coffee and water.  At the Outback Steak house – my table was filled with steak and salmon and French fries – I had coffee and water.   At dinner at a local Mediterranean place the table was full of Pasta and Steak salads and Gyros – I had coffee and water.   So instead of a 6000+ calorie weekend I ended up with about half that!   Back on track and off to another week of driving the needle down on weight and up on healthier living!

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