About Me


This is my page – it is a place that I am starting to share the message that I found over the last year and over the next little bit.  Some basic background on me – I am a man in my early 50s, I am a veteran of the US Navy and that was the last job I had that I had to move at.  I came out of the Navy and started building various parts of the internet and stayed stuck behind a desk or in a datacenter and that is what it was.   I stayed fairly active, doing Martial Arts and Ice Hockey into my 30s. Then I had kids and that took up much of my time, I got fat, lost the weight, got hurt gained it back, lost it and gained it back.   I made all the excuses in the world – Truth be told I was lying to my self.  See more on this here:

I have found a way that I call it eat less and move more.   It is a simple concept but hard to do on a consistent basis – especially if you are addicted to sugar and doing as little as possible as I was.

So please join me on this journey.  I am going to attempt to document how I got here and what I am doing as a two edged sword – one side many of the people I have shared my story with have said something to the effect – I need to do that – or can you help me?  So I am sharing my story and some of the knowledge and people that have helped me along the way.  and 2) I have made good progress to date but I am not done.  I need to move forward and I still need to lose another 10-12% of body fat and probably another 30 or so pounds to get to a healthy weight.

Please leave a comment and let me know you are here.