Today is a new day – a new challenge.

Well, folks – yesterday and the weekend were a time to sit back and revel in the progress I have made over the last two years. Today it is time to get honest again. It is incredible how easy it is to fall back into the crap of lies and deceit we play with ourselves. In April I was going strong – I hit 239 and was over 110 pounds dropped. I was on the Path after cruising through the Holidays and then getting back on track with some buddies Dan Hollender and Michael Weiss. I was through what I thought was a mental breakthrough. This was an excellent feeling! Well as my history of life shows – I get through the storm and then turn around and head back into it. I could make excuses – but the reality is all the injuries and other reasons I have slipped back are lies. I did not keep on the Path because it was easier not to get up and move and not eat less crap. I did. I ate crap and moved less. No, I sit at 266 and have left my self with 26 additional pounds to lose and shed them I will.

Yesterday – The things I do to my self to interfere with my success came back to bite me. Both of my fitbits were uncharged so day one of my new beginning started without a mechanical means of tracking. So my numbers from yesterday are missing all my steps through the day. I did, however, take the dog for a 3-mile walk when I got home – that I tracked – so not a total loss. I also followed my eating plan to a tee- so double bonus.

This morning started as I planned – 0430 up make coffee 0440 lifting weights in the basement – 0510 on the treadmill for 20 min. Drinking coffee and posting this blog post before 6 am! First steps are the hardest. Here we go!