Sunday Week in Review

Its been a tough week for me.  This week I have been dealing with work, a back injury and aches and pains due to ageing (arthritic hip and shoulder).   This week also was the start of my re-commitment to hitting my goal of fluctuating between 220-225 pounds and/or between 15-16% body fat.  This week was also awesome because of several people who reached out to me and let me know that my story was inspiring to them and they took action and improved themselves significantly!   That always warms my heart and gets me especially motivated.

So my report for the week –

Weight: -4.5 lbs.

BF: -0.4%

Inches – took first set of measurements

Work out – 5 out of 5 workouts done

Steps – 75% of the goal.

Eating – had 2 bad meals was 90% of the goal.

So for the week not bad, but needs improvement.  One lesson learned is that I need to get my butt in the workout room each morning before 5am or it is difficult to get the workout in.   Also – injury is not an excuse to  NOT work out, but an excuse to find a way to adapt the workout to accommodate the injury.   You can work up a good sweat just stretching and doing isometrics.  All stuff I’ve heard before but the stuff I really lived this week.

On a side note.  I listened to an Audible book “Great Cources” series audio course “Changing Body Composition Through Diet and Exercise” by Dr Michael Ormsbee who is the Associate Director, FSU Institute of Sports Sciences & Medicine.  It was a lot of information, I don’t think I learned much more but I did get a lot of confirmation on what I’ve been doing.  But may need to rename this site Eat Less (and better) and Move More.  🙂  Have a great week everyone!