Monday Leg Day – Not the usual way!

So Monday was supposed to be leg day done in the Gorman home gym.   But God had a different plan.   Most of you know that the last few days in the mid-Atlantic we have had been dealing with excessive amounts of rain. Well that fact and the fact that Murphy is in non stop motion I went down to the basement to push weights and did my first set of squats only to think – “its unusually damp down here – what is up with that?”  Well you know what it was – the stairwell flooded and leaked into the basement.   Of course there were 4 inches of water still in the stair well and tons of crap – like the whole flower garden dumped its topsoil in the stair well.  I go find the sump pump I used to empty the pool.  It was in the green house, set that up and it did not have enough umph to get the water out of the well and away from the house.   So off to find the other pump that I knew I had somewhere not in the Greenhouse, shed or basement.  Finally found it in the garage, then to get a garden hose. Now the water is emptying now I see that there is a ton of crap – looks like dirt.  Really good topsoil dirt.  Lots of it!  Off to get a bucket and shovel from the shed.  Filled up first 5 Gallon bucket with slop. Carried it up and over to our “pollinator garden” really a mound that was once covered with really nice flowers the previous owner planted and now is a mix of wild flowers and what is left of what they had planted – the butterflies like it.  I dumped the muck on top of the existing 6 foot mound.  4 more trips and the stair well is empty but the rain is still coming down in buckets.

Now the well is empty but I am an hour and a half later I still haven’t gotten my workout in and I’m feeling my self getting frustrated because I have to leave for work.  I look at my fit bit and I have done 14 floors (5 woth a 5 gallon bucket full of wet dirt and water) and 7000 steps taking care of that mess – got my cardio done, now today I have to the leg workout.   🙂   Getting my workout in when having plans messed up is a huge change for me.   Looking at it like this and rolling with the things life deals me is one of the big changes in my self I have seen – not getting frustrated and angry at the world but accepting the challenge and overcoming it – happily and gracefully!   Progress!

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