Getting Real on Wednesday Morning.

So this morning the alarm went off as I was already awake – I woke up at 0420 and was lying there in a state.   My back has been in knots since last Wednesday when I went Kayaking and did not do it right after not doing it at all for 2 years and regularly since 2012.  Needless to say, I’ve had some back pain, but have not let that stop me from doing what I need to do.  I was planning on doing a HIIT on the elliptical this morning so when the alarm went off – I wanted to roll back over and say – to heck with it.   But I knew “discipline equals freedom” and got up and thought – ouch!  My back was really telling me to not bounce it around.  So I decided to do some much lower impact exercise first thing, and if my back loosened up over the course of the day I would do some more.  I did some stretching while upside down on my Teeter Hangup and then did some more stretching on the floor.  I also did some crunches and other core work.  Feeling better, and got a workout in even if it was not what I had planned – I got my breakfast and on with my morning.   I also had a great time talking about some really important things with my 12 year old daughter so my morning was awesome when I woke up in pain and not wanting to move.   Go get after it!